Pandora Experience - Bali Escape Room


Are you a person who likes challenges? Let’s rush your adrenaline at Pandora Experience.

Pandora Experience is the ultimate escape game adventure where players will enter each game room in a group up to 14 peoples.

Throughout the trilling journey they will encounter surprises, secret passages, hidden chambers, and mindboggling puzzles. By working as a team, the objective is to complete all of the tasks inside within the given time. Challenges is on !

You will be given 120 thrilling minutes to solve the mindboggling puzzles, find secret passages and hidden chambers, and complete different tasks based on the compelling storyline. You will need to use your wits, teamwork, strategizing skills, decision making abilities altogether to beat the game.

Each room is ultimately designed to bring you a realistic and an unforgettable experience through a journey of unexpected mysteries. You can be sure to encounter many surprises, physical activities, secret passages, hidden chambers. Combined with the latest technology as well as visual and sound effects, we are taking escape game to a whole new level.

All of the episodes are based on mysterious myths and legends all over the world. Each compelling storylines are retold with an engaging plot twist to ensure you and your friends will have a thrilling reality escape game experience! 


Regulations, Term & Conditions is important information to know :

- Comfortable outfit is suggested, heel and skirt are not suggested
- Minimum age to play is 8 yo (with companion of their adults) and 12 yo (without companion)
- Player with claustrophobia, acrophobia and afraid of darkness are prohibited
- Player with knee and back injuries or problems are prohibited
- Player during pregnancy are prohibited
- Player under the influence of drug or alcohol are prohibited 


Available game slots: 10.30am, 1pm, 3.30pm & 6pm, daily.

Are you interested to rush your adrenaline ? Glad be informed that Pandora Experience Bali is located nearby Siesta Legian Hotel. The located in Kuta, Jl. Dewi Sri No.45 D, Legian, Kuta.

Open daily, start from 10.30AM - 08.00PM.

Let’s stay with us at Siesta Legian Hotel and let’s get rush !!