The Most Famous Beach in Bali

Have you heard about Kuta Beach? Or have you visited this place before?

For sure,  your holiday will not complete if you aren’t visit Kuta Beach when you are in Bali. 

Kuta Beach is the most famous beach in Bali. It’s known with warm water, great surf, white sand, and impressive sunsets.

Kuta Beach can be reach  is about a 20-minutes drive from Bali’s capital, Denpasar.

Important thing that you should keep on your mind when you are going to Kuta Beach : The Balinese are known as friendly and welcoming people, but as with any busy tourist destination, you should keep an eye on your belongings or leave valuables in a hotel locker.


Why you should visit Kuta Beach while your holiday in Bali ??

I have 5 reasons why you should visit Kuta beach with the popular activities at Kuta Beach :

1. Relax under the sun umbrella while enjoy some drinks or do you need any massage? There is available for roving massage.

2. Or do you need to make your nail more beautiful? Yes, Kuta beach is also known with nail art roving which can makes your nails become beautiful.

3. Enjoy the sunset. The beautiful sunset will take you into the heaven of the world. It’s really interesting, that’s why you should to visit Kuta Beach.

4. Kuta beach is known with the white sand beach, you can relax your body while sunbathing on the warm white sand.

5. In the evening, you can enjoy a dinner at a beachside café with your loved ones.


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